Enterprise Service Areas

Business Capability Architecture

We use Business Capability Investment Management (BCIM) to model the enterprise scope of responsibility to properly align technology investment decisions with both value and dependencies. Our seasoned Business Architects design and manage our clients' capability portfolios to achieve the best return on improvement investments.

Business Process Management

We do what we propose. Our clients' improvement investment return depends on implementing the capability investment portfolios in a disciplined and agile way. Business Process Management (BPM) provides a perfect enablement platform for enterprises to achieve scale. We partner with industry leading Intelligent Business Process Management Suites (iBPMS) to build the value our Capability Investment Analysts administer to achieve the desired return on investment.

Cyber Security & Accreditation

It's not just a buzzword. Your company's infrastructure is under constant attack from both internal and external threat vectors.

Custom Projects

Now comes the fun! Our team's agile methods allow us to quickly and efficiently meet your organization's specific needs, utilizing the foundation you've built for your organization.Our Managed Services team leverages the power of integrated and accurate information to schedule and manage sales, fundraisers and digital campaigns to increase effectiveness of your marketing budget.

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